Trinity Care Centre is situated in the panoramic foothills of ngong. A home environment that is animal friendly, including a large yard, relaxing gardens, a dining and lounge room and all the other things you would find in your own home. Importantly, each of our guests will have a lovely view of the Ngong hills. The facility is adapted to meet the needs of the terminally ill with rails, ramps, and wheelchair access. We have modern kitchen, laundry and other amenities.

Our Services

The centre offers a range of services that include the following; Long term nursing care, Palliative Care, Elder care, In-patient nursing care, Counseling and grief, services, Memory care, ADLs (Activities of Daily Living), Companionship and End of life care

See the Benefits

  • A coordinator available from Monday to Sunday – 8 hours daily and on call after hours.
  • An available and on-call counselor which again is quite unique given the scarcity of specialized hospices.
  • Allied health professionals (physiotherapist, speech pathologist, dietician, occupational therapist) will be made available as need arises.
  • Our guests can keep their own GP, rather than having to change doctors.
  • No limits as to time of stay or required six month prognosis.
  • The family, friends and siblings can stay with the dying person if they wish with hands-on and as-needed training which will increase their confidence in caring for their loved one.
  • Bereavement counseling and support groups are included.
  • Access to spiritual and religious support also available. All are welcomed no matter what belief system, lifestyle, race, age, religion, culture or sexual orientation.

Visit Us

by phone:

KAHARA: +254 714 335937, +254 788980751

NGONG: +254 795 579495

by e-mail: info@trinitycare.co.ke

P.O. Box 1226-00208
Ngong Hills, Ngong

A home environment

including a large yard, gardens, a dining and lounge room and all the other things you would find in your own home.

About Us

The care centre is managed by a professional team of dedicated physicians and care givers giving undivided attention to our patients and their families. People facing death need to be cared for in an environment of their choice”. It is generally appreciated within the palliative care professional community that we would want people to have as much choice as possible about the location or place they wish complete their transition and some do not wish to go into a hospital setting. Thus, we provide the next best option. TRINITY CARE CENTRE sits somewhere between a private home and a hospice.

Our team consists of:

A full time Hospice Coordinator – a Registered Nurse with palliative care community experience(Monday to Friday).

A casual Hospice Coordinator- a Registered Nurse (Saturday and Sunday).

A full time Hospice & Grief Counselor-Coordinator, with specialist palliative care qualifications(Monday to Friday).

Casual and nursing staff available for evenings, overnight and weekends.

Hospice support volunteers, who are trained to meet palliative care standards and who each hold a current First Aid Certificate.

A chef & nutritionist for purposes of giving the right food with right nutrients to patients.

A group of doctors on call who support patients and have vast experience on palliative care.

Our Objectives

To respect and Support the dignity of our clients. While upholding professionalism through integrity and ethics in our work and all our activities.


Through continuous in-house training we strive to become the leading provider of Hospice based care for Cancer victims , and Aged people in Kenya.

Beautiful Scenery

    Bed Space

      Modern Kitchen


        with manual handlers, suction machines oxygen concentrators and other equipment that are a challenge in the home setting.

        What we do


        We aim to ease physical strains and symptoms associated with cancer patients through proper care and control. Common physical symptoms include pain, fatigue, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, shortness of breath, and insomnia.

        Practical Assistance

        Aged & Cancer patients and their families may have financial and legal worries, insurance questions, employment concerns, with the technical language and specific details of laws and forms further obscuring their understanding. To ease the burden, our team may assist in coordinating the appropriate services. For example, counseling, understanding medical forms or legal advice, or identifying local and national resources, such as NHIF etc.

        Emotional & Coping

        Aged & Palliative care specialists provide resources to help patients and families deal with the emotions that come with a cancer diagnosis and cancer treatment. Depression, anxiety, and fear are only a few of the concerns that can be addressed through palliative care. Experts may provide counseling, recommend support groups, hold family meetings, or make referrals to mental health- professionals.


        With a cancer diagnosis, patients and families often look more deeply for meaning in their lives. Some find the disease brings them more faith, whereas others question their faith as they struggle to understand why cancer happened to them. An expert in palliative care can help people explore their beliefs and values so that they can find a sense of peace or reach a point of acceptance that is appropriate for their situation.

        Panoramic Scenery

        Natural scenery employs the mind without fatigue and yet exercises it; tranquilizes it and yet enlivens it; and thus, through the influence of themind over the body, gives the effect of refreshing rest and reinvigoration to the whole system.

        -Frederick Olmstead, 1865.

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        Trinity Care Centre P.O. Box 1226-00208
        Ngong Hills, Ngong, Kenya

        Daily 8:00-17:00
        +254 714 335937 +254 788980751

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        You don’t get to choose how you’re going to die, or when. You can only decide how you’re going to live.
        — Joan Baez

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