Outpatient Services

At Trinity, we affirm our pledge of offering preventive, promotive and curative health services to our customers, clients and patients. This is well carried out by a team of well trained, qualified and experienced health workers that include medical consultants and specialists, doctors, clinicians, nurses, laboratory technologists, dentists, opticians, pharmacists, sonographers and radiologists. The team makes sure both of our facilities are up and running effectively and efficiently all day long.

The treatment center is well organized to offer a synchronized services where patients gets triaged by taking all vital signs checks, consults a doctor and the process continues to customers satisfaction.


We utterly recognize that healthy living calls for healthy feeding. Also, good recovery occurs where nutrition is well cared for. For that matter, we offer exclusive nutritional support for all our patients and clients, well guided and reviewed feeding programs by qualified nutritionist’s officers. The hospital has set up a cafeteria and with experienced chefs and caterers who ensure that the right food, right portions in regards to patients needs is prepared with the finest class of food handling hygiene procedures.

Customer Wellness

In line with our mission, to provide preventive care as one of the pillars of health living, we offer wellness services and tests as key among our services. The patient is able to get a full body check and advice on how to live a healthy lifestyle. Our nutritionists and other health experts will walk this journey with you every step of the way. As we know the importance of peace and silence in mental wellbeing, we pride ourselves in having an extensive attractive garden with a large parking lot. The environment & friendly staff gives a consoling effect. All our customer service staff are professionals and always ready to serve you.

Specialized Care

In regards to finest specialized care, Trinity group of hospitals have sorted different specialists to cater for our patients needs. This includes gynecologist, oncologists and physicians.  This is in addition to contemporary theater services which are available 24/7 with a standby team of dedicated doctors and anesthetists. Some of the specialist care we offer include:  Physiotherapy and Palliative Care


Our laboratory is registered and licensed at class E by KMLTTB. It is equipped with high-end ultramodern equipment that helps us offer correct, timely and right diagnosis. We have a complete automated chemistry machine able to conduct biochemistry tests such as UECS, LFT, and LIPID PROFILE AND BONE CHEMISTRY. We also do special chemistry tests such as TFTS, PSA, CRP, TU- MOUR MARKERS and HBAIC. We boast of a five part hematology machine among other basic and specialized tests. All this is run and done by well trained laboratory technologists.


Our radiology department makes the process of patients’ diagnosis complete. We have a team of knowledgeable and skilful sonographers and radiologists who take, perform and process X RAYS of all forms, abdominal, pelvic and regional ultrasounds. Our radiology machines are ultramodern and fit for the task.

Dental Services

Our dental unit is well equipped to offer nearly all if not all dental procedures that include root canal treatment, filling and tooth extractions.


The pharmacy, which acts as our last stop in medical care is well stocked with all variety of medicines and drugs making sure that no clients hustle for drugs outside.

Committed to trusted healthcare.